Why Your Loved Ones Should Retire in Daytona Beach

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Named the #3 best place to retire by U.S. News, Daytona Beach is a top choice for retirees – no matter what stage of senior living your parent is in there are many reasons to retire in Daytona Beach, Florida

Not only is Daytona Beach home to “The World’s Most Famous Beach,” it also has top-tier amenities for older adults looking to stay active and have peace of mind as they age.

Here, your parent can enjoy pristine beaches, make the most of cultural hotspots and choose from superb retirement communities. Explore why retiring in Daytona Beach may be the ideal setting for your loved one to thrive.

Top Reasons for Retiring to Daytona Beach

1. Low Cost of Living & Tax Breaks

Daytona Beach is a budget-friendly retirement destination. According to BestPlaces, the overall cost of living in Daytona Beach scores 85.7, which is nearly 15 points below the national average. In particular, housing is much more affordable than other Floridian retirement destinations, with an average home cost of $194,500.

In addition, Florida residents enjoy a light tax burden. There’s no state income tax or estate/inheritance tax. Property tax is also quite reasonable.

2. Beautiful Outdoors & Beaches

Known as the “The World’s Most Famous Beach,” Daytona Beach has stunning white-sand ocean fronts and a charming boardwalk. With 230 days of sunshine per year, this Floridian town is ideal for soaking up the sun and staying active outdoors.

In addition to swimming, fishing and kayaking, Daytona Beach is known for its lovely parks and walking trails. The fair weather is also great for golfing, checking out outdoor fairs or antique malls, or simply strolling around a community courtyard. Average temperatures hover around 47.2° in January and 90.1° in July, which means your parent can enjoy outdoor recreation and sunshine no matter the season.

3. Quality Healthcare Options

Daytona Beach has world-class healthcare options conveniently located nearby. The most renowned hospitals include AdventHealth Daytona Beach and Halifax Hospital. However, numerous medical clinics and centers are available for your parent to get easy access to emergency care and find the right primary physician.

4. High Safety Ratings

Named the #15 Safest Place to Live, Daytona Beach has lower-than-average crime rates, making it a perfect spot for your parent to feel at ease. As a metropolitan area, your parent still has access to city amenities, without worrying about high crime.

5. Plenty of Cultural Attractions

Daytona Beach is a hotspot for cultural attractions including the Museum of Arts & Sciences, Rockefeller’s Ormond Beach home, The Casements and the Sugar Mill Ruins. This town is also home to multiple festivals, such as BikeWeek, the Halifax Art Festival and the Turkey Run.

As a well-rounded metro area, Daytona Beach also offers multiple theaters, antique markets, shopping malls and other attractions. Here your parent can enjoy world-class oceanfront dining, pursue learning opportunities at local colleges and take a tour of the famous Daytona International Speedway.

6. Grandkid-Friendly Activities

Daytona Beach is wonderful for kids, too. Your whole family can enjoy visiting and checking out charming spots such as the Daytona Boardwalk, Daytona Magic Shop and Reptile Discovery Center.

With beaches, parks, gardens and other green spaces, your kids can get plenty of fresh air in Daytona Beach. Take a family hike, spread out a picnic or simply run around the playground together.

7. Nearby Airport & Mass Transit

It’s painless to get around Daytona Beach. Daytona Beach International Airport is a nicely-sized airport for travel and this city boasts of a robust public transit system called Votran. With 20+ bus lines and low-cost fares, you and your parent can get around town without the hassle.

8. Action-Packed Retirement Communities

As one of the finest retirement destinations in the country, Daytona Beach is packed with retirees and many services are tailored to older populations. Your parent can enjoy the company of like-minded neighbors and venture out to a town that’s bustling with senior-friendly activities.

Given the popularity of Daytona Beach, your parent has tons of options for living in a retirement community, whether he/she could benefit from assisted living, memory care, or some other type of senior care.

Empower Your Parent’s Retirement to Daytona Beach

At Sunscape™ Daytona Beach, your parent can find new ways to shine. Our community brings together deluxe amenities, welcoming staff and opportunities to pursue wellness so that individuals can flourish and find meaning in their later years.

Get in touch with our team to learn more about retiring in Daytona Beach at our beautiful, affordable and master-planned senior living community.

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