What is Co-living Senior Apartments in Daytona Beach?

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What is Senior Co-living?

When you’re living an independent life, making decisions and controlling your destiny, essentially being your own boss on the path you’ve chosen to travel, well, that’s a good thing for sure. But being independent doesn’t mean you can’t also share many of life’s wonderful moments with others and get the best of both worlds. That’s the essence of co-living senior apartments in Daytona Beach at Sunscape.

Some of the best things in life come in pairs. Imagine a PB&J sandwich with the peanut butter sitting all alone longing for that jelly to make it truly great, think of that single sock sitting in the dryer without its counterpart. Sometimes it’s better to have a companion, a partner. Try to visualize Fred Astaire dancing in those great classics without Ginger Rogers beside him, toe to toe; she needs him and he needs her and together they made film history. They made each other better. Senior co-living is all about making things better, in so many ways!

Whether you’re considering options for senior apartments in Daytona Beach for yourself or someone else, senior co-living should be at the top of your list for a myriad of reasons.

Senior co-living is community with intention. It’s living with purpose and a plan for prosperity on many levels, and it’s a way of life that is on the rise, growing in popularity across the nation. It’s the future of senior living and the future is here, now. The co-housing concept is a European idea that has become one of the greatest options for American seniors today due to the social and economic benefits it offers.

Senior co-living communities allow individuals to lead private, independent lives while sharing the many benefits of communal living. The options for senior apartments in Daytona Beach provide varying lifestyle choices, but the social and economic advantages of senior co-living really are unmatched. Let’s consider the concept of senior co-living and how it works.

A co-living suite typically provides privacy for seniors as they have their own bedrooms, while allowing for new connections to be made through the communal spaces. If you’re considering communal living, but think of yourself as a private person, not overly social, then a co-living suite is perfect as it provides privacy as well as fun, social options.

Great things often happen when we least expect it, and many co-living suite residents have been surprised to find that they enjoy socializing way more than they ever expected. They realize they enjoy having someone to take walks through the community with and to attend programs.

But beyond the daily tasks of life, co-living communities provide easy opportunities to socialize in groups, heading out to the movies, or to see a show, out to try a new restaurant, or go for a walk on the beach. It’s more fun to share these moments, and you’ll also be more secure and safe when you’re all together. With so many advantages, it’s hard to choose anything else. Now let’s take a deeper look into the additional individual perks of co-living.

Socializing Is Good for Your Health

about sunscape daytona beachAccording to the Mayo Clinic and countless other reputable medical resources, research has shown that socialization is great for the physical body as well as our mental health. And even a small amount of socializing is enough to make a big impact. So, an hour after breakfast or before dinner in the communal spaces of a co-living suite, chatting with friends, talking about current events, etc. can offer tremendous health benefits. Scientific research has conclusively proven that isolation and loneliness can increase risks for depression and even medical health problems. So get out there and be social!

Downsizing and The Financial Benefits

When you’re living in an empty nest, with kids off to college, or grown children out of the house now with families of their own, the vibrant, big house you live in may now seem a little too large for your needs, or a little too lonely without the buzz it used to have when the walls echoed with the sounds of family life. If that’s the case, downsizing to a smaller living space may be just what you need. A smaller space means less cleaning, reduced costs across the board, an easier to navigate space, and a more intimate setting to entertain friends and family. To find out more about the costs of senior care read our blog on How to Pay For Assisted Living and Memory Care in Florida.

It’s Good for the Planet

If you’re a serious environmentalist or just a grandparent who is concerned for the well-being of future generations, you can take comfort in knowing that co-living is good for the planet, which is good for human health. Big empty houses require a lot of energy, much more than apartments that are modern and energy efficient with no wasted or unused spaces that are heated and lit unnecessarily. Thus, co-living is an environmentally-friendly lifestyle choice that will benefit tomorrow’s generation and the ones that follow.

The Bonds of Friendship

co-livingLast on our list, but certainly not least, is friendship. Senior co-living communities offer many advantages to residents but perhaps the most valuable of all is friendship. Whether you’ve always been the ‘life of the party’ kind of person or a more reserved quiet type, the fact is… we all need human connection. It’s not only better for your health but it is better for your happiness. When you live in a co-living environment you will always have new opportunities to meet like-minded people your age who share your interests and values. Making friends is one of the greatest things about being human, and a good friend is a friend for life, more valuable than anything money can ever buy.

Co-Living at Sunscape Daytona Beach

There are many variations on co-living and how it’s structured. Here at Sunscape we felt it was most important to offer this option in our Valeo™ Memory Care Neighborhood as the comfort of companionship is even more important when it gets harder to express your feelings and needs. We have large two-bedroom apartments where each resident has their private bedroom and only the common spaces are shared. This also helps families monitor expenses as there are significant savings.

When you’ve considered all your options, you’ll surely conclude that co-living  is perhaps the smartest decision you’ll ever make. It’s good for your health, great for your happiness, and the planet will thank you for making a sustainable living choice. Click this link to learn more about our modern-designed suites or to schedule a tour, click here.

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