What is a Memory Care Community?

what is a memory care community

Aging & Memory: Memory Care Community Daytona Beach, Florida

what is a memory care communityAging — it’s a common denominator that unifies us all, every person on the planet, and it’s a wonderful facet of the journey called life. With age comes wisdom, and seniors have a lot to give to the young minds of generations that follow. Take a moment if you can, to remember a valuable lesson you learned from your grandmother or grandfather when you were a small child. Remember the stories they shared and how those lessons propped you up, gave you confidence, and helped you meet the challenges you faced. You probably held onto those lessons, and memories, for your entire life. We have a lot to learn from seniors, indeed. But as aging occurs, sometimes cognitive problems can develop that may put you in a position to now give back to your aging family member when they need you most. Learn more about what is a memory care community and how can it help handle some of these challenges.

When dementia or Alzheimer’s sets in, it can be a terrifying time for your aging family member. Suddenly, things they took for granted, such as driving to the grocery store, or taking an evening walk, can become disorienting — even dangerous. Imagine the fear you’d feel if you were out having a nice walk, but then it gets dark and you’re lost because you cannot remember how to get back home. Imagine your panic if you were to realize much later that you had started cooking with an open gas flame and then simply walked away, forgetting that you had left an open flame unattended. Would you be able to trust yourself again? Would you live in fear that these slips of memory were becoming so severe that you could accidentally bring harm to yourself, or someone you love?

These are frightening scenarios, but they are unfortunately quite real, and possible, when dementia or Alzheimer’s takes hold. So, when you see the signs, it’s time to talk to a doctor, to get a full physical workup and understand what needs to be done to keep your aging family member safe. The bad news is, there is no cure for dementia or Alzheimer’s as of yet. The good news is, however, that treatments are available that can perhaps slow the advancement of dementia or Alzheimer’s in those who have mild to moderate cases. Memory Care communities allow you to be proactive, instead of reactive when handling cases of memory loss in a loved one.

When it’s time to consider memory care in Florida, you can take comfort in the fact that there are memory care communities with skilled team members who are trained for the specialized care. Those suffering from cognitive impairment can lead lives that thrive and are filled with joy. Memory care communities are there simply to keep things on track for your loved family member.

Memory Care in Daytona Beach

what is a memory care communitySo, what exactly is a memory care community? Essentially, a memory care community is a group of thoughtfully designed residences that offer planned wellness solutions, signature programs, and services such as meal planning, personal care, engagement activities that boost cognitive ability, and a schedule of exciting, meaningful events that provide opportunities to be social and make new friends. Choosing Sunscape Daytona Beach as your memory care community in Daytona Beach Florida will bring peace of mind to you, and especially to your aging family member because we take the time to ensure that they’re comfortable with the community and confident that their personal needs will be met.

And it goes without saying that life in Daytona Beach is sublime. Daytona Beach is a model beach community with some of the most beautiful beaches in America. Daytona Beach is home to the world-famous Daytona International Speedway and the Daytona 500. Enjoy a race, or even get behind the wheel of a powerful race car with the Richard Petty Driving Experience. Residents of Sunscape Daytona can immerse themselves in the arts, on campus with our signature arts programs, or at Central Florida’s primary art, science and history museum, the Museum of Arts and Sciences. Daytona Beach offers riverfront café dining for social time with friends, never-ending opportunities for shopping at the outlet stores and local shops, and there’s also plenty of live entertainment for every taste imaginable.

Sunscape Daytona Beach Signature Programs

At Sunscape Daytona Beach, our core philosophy is rooted in the belief that everyone, regardless of physical or mental challenges, deserves to live a rewarding, full, joyful life, a life in which each day brings new and exciting challenges, opportunities to feel a sense of accomplishment, and moments to share with others and enjoy the companionship of friends. That’s why all our signature programs are carefully designed to achieve these goals, to increase engagement while honoring residents’ legacies.

Our celebrated engagement programs are designed to fit each resident’s unique needs and abilities while being mindful that residents desire to live independent lives on their own terms, and schedules. Our carefully curated signature programs help residents achieve their optimum health, and to do that it’s crucial to focus on the mind and body together. And that’s just what our ValeoTM Memory Care program is all about, as it focuses on the four pillars of a healthy mind and body: physical, social, intellectual, and spiritual. Learn more about our Valeo™ Signature programs.

The Best Value for the Price: Memory Care in Florida

At Sunscape Daytona Beach, we take memory care seriously. In fact, we start each day with the goal of being the absolute best memory care community in all of Florida. We know finding the right memory care community can be overwhelming, but we are here to help.

Sunscape Daytona Beach is the newest retirement community in the Daytona Beach area. And our Valeo™ Signature Memory Care Program is an all-inclusive package price that starts at just $4,299 per month. It’s active aging at its finest; it’s a first-class investment in wellness and a chance to live life to the fullest. According to SeniorLiving.org, the median price for memory care is about $5,000 per month, so even though Sunscape Daytona Beach is a shining new community, with highly-skilled team members, engaging programs, fine dining, salons and spas, a fitness center, a theatre, nature paths to explore, landscaped courtyards, and so much more, we still come in at a price that you can afford, and lower than the median price for all of America.

Fill out an online form or call us today at (386) 777-4140 to schedule a visit and let us show you why residents call Sunscape Daytona Beach home.


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