Therapy focused on getting better.

While people may not plan for specialized therapy services, it’s nice to know they are available when needed. That is why Sunscape™ Daytona Beach is partnering with NEXT Therapy Solutions, a provider of physical, occupational and speech therapy … with a clinic right on campus!

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Sunscape™ Daytona Beach Residents Will Benefit From:

• Convenient in-house therapy and wellness
• Consistent services
• Specialized licensed therapy providers
• Assessments to identify early indicators of fall risk, cognitive decline
and in-home safety needs
• A liaison between resident, family, community and professionals
• Collaboration with home health agencies to provide seamless
therapy services
• Help with transition from acute care to wellness and independence

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NEXT is a Licensed and Credentialed Outpatient Therapy
that Provides Education and Therapy Services, Including:

• Physical therapy to help improve independence through prescribed
exercise, hands-on care and patient education
• Occupational therapy, which promotes health and well-being using
upper body exercises and activities
• Speech therapy which is utilized with residents demonstrating
difficulty with speech, communication/cognition, eating or swallowing

NEXT’s TRAZER Technology is Proven to Decrease Falls

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TRAZER Technology reproduces the challenges a senior may face without
the constraints or risk factors inherent in the real world. Unlike a pre-planned
test, with TRAZER, a senior’s reaction time and decision-making skills are tested
with real-time reactive responses through interactive and random challenges
with the goal to maintain functional independence.

Robust Memory Care Programs Keep Residents Engaged

Memory Care programming offers residents of all cognitive
levels challenging, customized opportunities to engage. It begins
with a wellness review of each resident’s abilities and a discussion
about their passions. Then, a detailed plan is created using those
passions and the latest technology to increase the resident’s
engagement and overall happiness.

If you or your family member need specialized services including
physical, occupational or speech therapy at Sunscape Daytona
Beach, call (386) 777-4140 or stop by the NEXT Therapy Solutions
clinic to schedule a consultation.