Assisted Living vs. Nursing Home Care in Daytona Beach

assisted living vs nursing home

Navigating the diverse range of care options for older adults can be difficult. For those who need at least some health support, families may be deciding between assisted living vs. nursing home care. However, these two types of care are very different and provide individuals with distinct community experiences.

To help your family during the decision-making process, let’s take a closer look at assisted living vs. nursing home care so you can find the best possible option for your loved one.

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What Is Assisted Living?

Assisted living is designed to keep older adults active and thriving, even as they require assistance during the day with personal care tasks such as showering, dressing, eating and more.

In addition, individuals can focus on pursuing their interests, instead of spending time handling responsibilities such as cooking, cleaning and maintaining a home. Many assisted living communities have resort-style amenities, restaurant-style dining and a robust social calendar so that individuals can stay engaged and discover meaning every day.

What Is Nursing Home Care?

Nursing home care has a distinct focus compared to assisted living. In a nursing home, older adults have a significant illness or injury and require comprehensive medical care. Often, these individuals are older than assisted living residents, with most reaching 85 years old or more.

Skilled nursing care is provided 24/7, along with key non-medical care such as assistance with personal care, meals and more. The majority of nursing home residents require constant supervision and guidance.

Key Differences Between Assisted Living & Nursing Homes

Assisted living and nursing homes both aim to create a safe, engaging community for residents. They also offer some overlapping services, such as assistance with personal care, medication management, nutritious meals and more. Yet, they differ in many key areas, which we’ll look at in-depth below.

Resident Profiles

Assisted living is designed for individuals to maximize their independence and take advantage of luxury onsite amenities, while also receiving help with personal care tasks at certain times of the day.

Nursing home care residents aren’t typically able to pursue their independence or make their own decisions. They require round-the-clock skilled nursing care, assistance with daily activities and 24/7 guidance.


Type of Care

Assisted living care is focused on providing help with daily living tasks, such as bathing, dressing, eating, etc. Individuals may also need assistance with medication management, mobility or more.

Nursing home residents have complex chronic conditions that require specialized medical care and 24/7 health monitoring. Care often involves skilled nursing, but also assistance with personal care, physical therapy, medication management and more.


Staff Training & Ratio

Assisted living residents receive one-on-one assistance with personal care from health aides at certain scheduled intervals of the day.

Nursing home care requires round-the-clock specialized care by certified nurses and medical professionals. Due to the 24/7 nature of nursing home care, the staff ratio is typically lower in order to provide ongoing, individualized support.


Safety Measures

Assisted living provides a secure community atmosphere with safety measures such as grab bars and walk-in showers. Every apartment also comes with an emergency response system and staff carry out daily wellness checks. 

Nursing homes provide 24/7 health and safety monitoring so that all individuals are constantly supervised and taken care of. These facilities also include emergency response systems and safety measures to reduce falls.


Living Spaces

Assisted living looks much like a typical apartment with a private bathroom and kitchenette. Most communities offer a variety of floor plans, high-end appliances and spacious living rooms, as well as beautiful common areas and grounds.

Nursing home care is typically provided in a private or shared room, but not within an apartment setting. While there are some common areas in the community, residents are often bed-ridden and aren’t able to make use of general facilities.


Amenities & Activities

Assisted living lets individuals design their own vision of retirement. In addition to health support, residents at Sunscape™ Daytona Beach can make the most of luxury amenities such as:

  • Beautifully landscaped courtyard, The Palm, with walking paths
  • Chef-prepared entrées with anytime dining options
  • Seagrass Bistro & Coffee Bar
  • SeaFit Fitness Center
  • Sea Breeze Salon & Spa
  • Full calendar of programs with entertainment, educational programs and social events
  • Starview Theater
  • Seagrape Library
  • Housekeeping, laundry and linen services
  • WiFi and cable
  • Scheduled group transportation services to cultural programs and social events
  • Repairs and maintenance

Nursing home care is focused on providing the medical care that every individual needs. While some basic services such as meals, laundry and housekeeping are available, most nursing homes aren’t able to provide regular social or recreational activities.



Assisted living involves restaurant-style meals at any time of the day. At Sunscape™ Daytona Beach, individuals can savor nutritious meals at a variety of on-site venues, including the Hibiscus Dining Room, the Seagrass Bistro & Coffee Bar and cocktail lounge.

Nursing home residents typically eat meals together at scheduled times of the day. There’s less flexibility in options, though meals are planned to uphold the nutritional needs of residents.



Assisted living is a budget-friendly option because care isn’t offered round-the-clock. The average cost of assisted living in the U.S. is $4,500 per month. At our Sunscape™ Daytona Beach senior living community, assisted living starts at $4,179 per month with five wellness package add-ons available.

Nursing home care is considered the costliest type of senior care because it involves 24/7 specialized care. The cost of nursing care in Daytona Beach, Florida is $9,049 per month for a private room. While medically necessary care is typically covered by Medicaid or Medicare, the cost of room and board can still be expensive for families.


How to Decide on the Best Level of Care for Your Mom or Dad

As you research the best care for your mom or dad, you should take an honest look at their needs and preferences. If you’re unsure where to start, you can ask for a doctor’s recommendation or even get in touch with a local community to get your parent assessed.

Some signs that it’s time for assisted living may include:

  • Your parent is struggling with self-care tasks and staying clean.
  • Your parent is unable to perform basic cooking, cleaning, etc.
  • Your parent feels lonely at home and isolated from peers.
  • Your parent is worried about safety.
  • Your parent is anxious about the future and how to get care if needs change.

If these statements describe your parent, it’s likely time to consider assisted living care in Daytona Beach.


Choosing the Best Assisted Living Community in Daytona

Finding the right care for your loved one can take time. As you look into assisted living vs. nursing home care, be sure to consider your parent’s needs carefully.

At Sunscape™ Daytona Beach, we offer resort-style assisted living for older adults seeking to make the most of their retirement years. Enjoy whole-person wellness, chef-prepared meals, a robust social calendar, flexible floor plans and more at our Daytona assisted living community.

Get more information about our assisted living community in Daytona Beach to help determine whether it’s the right match for your parent.

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